Business communication is extremely important, just as the context of meetings can make a contribution to building a trust relationship. At Galletto, not only love passes through the stomach, but business meetings get a plus with a copious meal.

Galletto Ristorante is the ideal venue for business meetings. Italian cuisine and a varied menu, which satisfy any expectations, are the strengths that recommend the restaurant.

If you are looking for a place to know your collaborators and partners better, presenting a business proposition at noon, if you want to reward your employees or organize a corporate dinner in the company, Galletto Ristorante is at your disposal.

Central location – The fall of the Bastille 78, with access from two main boulevards (Bled Lascăr Catargiu and Iancu de Hunedoara), Galletto is recognized for the specialty of the house, roasted rooster, prepared according to an Italian recipe.

We recommend early booking on the number 021-211.2276 and choose your preferred business area as Galletto Ristorante is divided into two parts:

  • the one covered with glass vault, where there are many plans, that give a mediterranean atmosphere;

  • and the covered side, with street visibility, through the windows.

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For lunch with your office colleagues, you can request a good set up for the number of people you want. Also, for a corporate dinner, you can request a more secluded location.

We will advise on the table that best fits your expectations, including the luminosity or the volume of music, as Galletto organizes evenings with live music act on weekend days.

I made a list of good things to check when planning a meal with business associates or colleagues:

  • reservation required – 021-211.2276;
  • it is good to look at the menu so you can set a proper dish for your business meal;
  • if you want a preset menu, it’s good to let it know so you can give the number of portions you want;
  • check out if you have an artistic program (events are posted on Facebook) and eventually choose the place according to your needs;
  • if you choose to have lunch and at the same time work or use laptops, we recommend that you ask for a larger meal;
  • be punctual and fit into the academic quarter to make a good impression of those who will spend time at Galletto Ristorante, on the Fall of the Bastille 78.

We also like to inform you that Restaurant Galletto organizes corporate meals with a capacity of up to 120 people.

During the day, at Galletto you can enjoy a drink or a favorite dish while working on your laptop; you have free wi-fi in the location.

If you want to surprise your colleagues or employees by giving them a delicious lunch or dinner, check out our delivery menu.

You are welcome!

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