Marriage is a joyous occasion for the lovers, but also for their loved ones who are close to them. Preparations for this beautiful moment include the choice of a wedding restaurant to suit the expectations. Restaurant GALLETTO is at your disposal for planning your wedding, with available data for the current year. 

Ladies dream about the wedding day since childhood and imagine the place where they will spend their wedding day, together with their family, friends, relatives. In fairy tales, weddings take place at the castle, nowadays we are looking for charming wedding locations with a pleasant environment, with which the ladies resonate.

Galletto Ristorante has some good strong points in organizing weddings, including:

  • central location – Căderea Bastiliei 78 Street, easily accessible from two main boulevards;
  • the possibility to take pictures in places with a traditional charm, namely the center of the capital;
  • the possibility to bring a live or dj band;
  • mediterranean climate with decorative plants;
  • no risk of rain – Galletto is a terrace restaurant that can be covered in a rainy weather with a transparent dome allowing light to pass;
  • possibility of decoration according to a desired theme;
  • various menus.

Useful tips that most people will understand:

  • avoid distant locations outside of Bucharest, which could be an inconvenience for guests who have to locate, sometimes difficult, places;
  • do not opt for an uncovered location, especially if the season in which you organize the wedding is rainy;
  • for those who have the religious wedding on the same day, it is preferable to choose a church in the vicinity of the restaurant that you go to later, in order to avoid the discomfort of long journeys in the crowded traffic of the capital.

Specification: The wedding venue is rented for a total consumption of 15,000 ron. (eg 50 people with a menu of 65 euros, of which 15 euros can be the beverage menu)

If you are looking for a wedding restaurant for you or someone near you, you can contact us by e-mail:
or by phone: 021-211.2276

Thank you!
In the end, we wish you a harmonious wedding organization and a dream marriage!

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