Are pasta good or bad for the body ?!

In April, studies confirmed: pasta is a food that generates happiness! Although controversial, consumed in the recommended amount, carbohydrates can be good for the body. Carbohydrates are excellent because they release energy slowly. At the same time it contributes to satiety and generates happiness. This is because the pastas are full of proteins that contain two important amino acids: L-phenylalanine and trytophan, which release endorphins and bind us.

A new study has shown that pasta, consumed as part of a healthy diet, can help eliminate a few pounds. In the study published in the BMJ Open, the impact of pasta consumption on body weight and the mass index of 2,488 participants was evaluated from data compiled from 30 comparative studies.

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People who participated in the study ate about 3.3 servings of pasta per week instead of other carbohydrates, also maintaining a low-glycemic index diet. Pasta has this low index, which means it will not increase blood sugar levels at a fast pace, as other refined carbohydrates do, such as white bread. In other words, pasta does not have a negative effect on the results in body weight when consumed as part of a healthy food model.

As Dr. Sievenpiper has pointed out, study participants have seen weight loss when consuming pasta in addition to other foods with low GI content. According to Rhiannon Lambert’s top nutritionist, the idea that people have to cut carbohydrates when they try to lose weight is completely wrong.

“If you want to get rid of weight, look at portion control, diet tailored to your needs and exercise, so you burn more calories than you eat,” she advised. “It’s so simple.”

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